SEARCH News Vol 1 2021

The first volume of SEARCH News for 2021 is out now!

Click here to read SEARCH News, Vol 1, 2021.

This edition includes

  • how to write a submission to the Voice codesign process
  • a discussion by Tom McDonald on the union movement's strategic future
  • two analyses of the US-Australia alliance and the future of peace
  • two articles on the crisis in the Aged Care sector
  • a review of Max Ogden's Long View from the Left
  • a review of Vijay Prashad's Washington Bullets - A history of the CIA
  • the latest from AFTINET by Dr Patricia Ranald
  • a wonderful tribute to our comrade George Zangalis

...and more.

Thank you to our contributors and production volunteers for their work on this edition.

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All of our previous editions of SEARCH News are now on the SEARCH News website including the December 2020 and October 2020 editions of SEARCH News, the special Jack Mundey tribute edition of SEARCH News from June 2020 and the March 2020 SEARCH News, attached here. 

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