Who We Are

SEARCH advocates for a democratic and ecologically socialist Australia, while working towards achieving greater democracy, economic and social equality, environmental sustainability, human rights, and international peace and cooperation.

We aim to provide a space where the diversity of the Australian Left can come together to debate ideas, share knowledge and build solidarity.

We run events and forums, socialist education programs, publish reports and articles and promote activism through our member-led working groups. We also partner with like-minded organisations and campaigns to help build movements and institutions that can meet our objectives.

SEARCH was established in 1990 to steward the assets and records of the Communist Party of Australia, with the object of promoting “greater understanding in the community of the main factors affecting social life, influencing social development and advancing social wellbeing.” The CPA records are now held primarily in the NSW State Library. If you want to access those records get in contact with us via email.

Our Team

Executive Officer: Luke Whitington

Administration and Projects Officer: Matthew Jeffrey 


Committee and Governance

SEARCH is governed by an elected Committee of members who are responsible for the administration and strategic direction of the organisation.

Our current Committee members are:

  • President: Matt Kunkel (Vic)
  • Vice President: Jacquie Widin (NSW)
  • Treasurer: Adam Farrar (NSW)
  • Brian Aarons (NSW)
  • Matt Byrne (Vic)
  • Patricia Hovey (Qld)
  • Louise Connor (Vic)
  • Elliot D'Arcy (Qld)
  • Iacovos Digenis (SA)
  • Zac Gillies-Palmer (NSW)
  • Cat Kutay (NT)
  • Caitlin Perry (NT)
  • Chris Warren (ACT)
  • Company Secretary: David Pink (NSW)

The SEARCH Foundation is a company limited by guarantee, with our aims, objectives and rules set out in our Constitution which is available here.