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SEARCH is governed by an annually elected Committee of members who are responsible for the administration and strategic direction of the organisation. The Committee elected at the 2018 election to serve until November 2019 is as follows.

President: Matt Kunkel (Vic)

Vice President: Jacquie Widin (NSW)

Treasurer: Helen Hewett (NSW)

Committee Members:

Brian Aarons (NSW)

Peter Murphy (NSW)

Patricia Hovey (Qld)

Nadia Montague (Vic)

Ama Somaratna (NSW)

Zac Gillies-Palmer (NSW)

Lee Rhiannon (NSW)

The Company Secretary appointed by the Committee is: David Pink (NSW)

Sub Committees

Our sub committees and working groups aim to provide strategic and policy advice to our governing SEARCH Committee. Our sub committees include:

Finance and Investment Sub-Committee

Convener: Adrian Graves.

Communications' Sub-Committee

Convener: Luke Whitington

Education Advisory Sub-Committee

Convener: Adrian Graves

SEARCH Review and National Conference Sub-Committee

Convener: Brian Aarons

Constitutional Sub-Committee

Convener: David Pink

Uniday Pty Ltd Board

Directors: Adrian Graves, Carmen Blanco, Brian Aarons, Ama Somaratna, Peter Murphy




The day to day running of the Foundation is handled by our office staff based in Sydney.

Executive Officer: Luke Whitington

Administrative Officer: Alice Strauss