We are fighting for a Democratic Socialist Australia.

We fight for democratic socialism in Australia, working with left-wing movements for democracy, economic and social equality, environmental sustainability, human rights, and international peace and cooperation.

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We run events and forums, socialist education programs, and promote activism via our working groups and publications, such as SEARCH News.

We were established in 1990, to steward the assets of the former Communist Party of Australia (CPA), with the object of promoting “greater understanding in the community of the main factors affecting social life, influencing social development and advancing social wellbeing.” You can see some of our history via the Wayback Machine log of previous versions of our website, available here. Our Facebook page also records some of our more recent history and events.

We welcome members from across the Left, regardless of their political party membership.

We are an active membership-based organisation comprising of members from diverse backgrounds all across Australia, with one aim - to promote equality, environmental and social justice.

We are based out of our head office in Sydney (Level 5, Suite 8, 377 Sussex St, Sydney) and hold events across the country.

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