The Party! Session 6 - A world to win

Session 6: ‘A world to win’ – movements for peace and international solidarity

Moderator: Patricia Ranald Panelists: Beverley Symons, Peter Murphy, Andrew Hewett, Kate Lee

In October 2020 SEARCH Foundation co-hosted with the NSW State Library a one-day series of six one-hour online forums to commemorate the Centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of Australia in October 1920. These six forums covered six ‘snapshots’ of key movements in which communists worked with many others to achieve progressive reforms and radical social change around major issues of the times.

The sessions examined the history and contribution of communists to Australian political and cultural life, but also discussed the relevance of their struggles to today. A wide range of activists took part in the panels for each session, including an activist involved in the current movements.

(Note that the playing of the Internationale at the end has had to be removed from this video for copyright reasons)

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