The Party! CPA Centenary Celebrations details and links

Register here for The Party! Snapshots of Communists in Australian History on 9am-5pm on Saturday 31st October

See bottom of the page for full session details and panelists.

Details, including the schedule of the six sessions are here on the Facebook event, as well as here on the State Library website. 

Register here for the CPA Centenary Celebration event and Comrades! book launch at 6pm AEDT on Friday 30th October. The full speakers and event description can be viewed at the registration page.

You can now pre-order a copy of Comrades! Lives of Australian Communists from the New International Bookshop here:

The book has 100 biographies - a description of the book, a promotional video and the full list of biographies is available here on the SEARCH website.

Profits from the book will go to supporting the Tribune digitisation project, which you can also donate to directly by going here.

50 more biographies will be posted on the Communist biographies project tab here on the SEARCH website progressively over the coming weeks. The first of the online-only bios, of Laurie Aarons and Wendy Lowenstein, are up online now for everyone to read and share at the Communist Biographies tab of this website.


Details for more films in our Red Film Festival, which will continue into November.

The Party! Snapshots of Communists in Australian History
Saturday 31st October 9am-5pm AEDT


Each session runs for exactly one hour

The webinar runs continuously for the whole day, with short intervals between sessions

Session 1: On Stolen Lands: First Nations struggles for rights and justice 
Moderator: Bob Boughton
Panelists: Ann Curthoys,Thomas Mayor, Teela Reid
Session 2: There is no Planet B: Movements to protect and save the environment 
Moderator: Jacquie Widin
Panelists: Bob Makinson, Rose Read, Geoff Evans, John Wishart, Gianni Sottile
Session 3: The Class struggle: unions and workers’ movements
Moderator: Luke Whitington
Panelists: Tom McDonald, Louise Connor, Julius Roe, Linda Carruthers, Steve Murphy
Art and Culture: writing, songs of struggle, theatre, art

Short talk and song presentation by Maurie Mulheron
Screening of 1946 short film Indonesia Calling on support for the Indonesian independence struggle against Dutch colonial rule.

Session 4: 'Red Matildas’: The long struggle for women’s rights and equality          
Moderator: Martina Nightingale
Panelists: Judy Mundey, Audrey McDonald, Judy Gillett, Danae Bosler

Session 5: ‘From all the lands on Earth we come’: Migrants and Multiculturalism
Moderator: Serge Zorino
Panelists: George Zangalis, Joe Caputo, Pierina Pirisi, Matt Kunkel
Session 6: ‘A world to win’ – movements for peace and international solidarity
Moderator: Patricia Ranald
Panelists: Beverley Symons, Peter Murphy, Andrew Hewett, Kate Lee
For easy reference and sharing, the registration link and the schedule of sessions are here on the event page on the SEARCH Facebook page. You can also find them here on the State Library website.

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