SEARCH News December 2022

SEARCH News is published continuously on this website, with a collated and printed hard copy version put together periodically.

Click here to see the December 2022 edition of SEARCH News.

The December edition is a bumper edition, including analysis of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework agreement and the age pension, articles on the role of Kurdish women in the Iranian revolution and why Labor must repeal the anti-protest laws in NSW.

Our Voice Treaty Truth Working Group co-convenor Bob Boughton makes the case for building a movement for the Voice - and beyond - in History is Calling, writing "If a big enough majority demand that First Nations have a Voice in decisions affecting them, then they will have that Voice, and politicians and bureaucrats who refuse to listen will do so at their peril".

We also publish the bios and photos of our 2023-24 SEARCH Committee members, and wonderful photos by Peter Robertson of our celebration and unveiling of Eric Aarons’ sculpture Timeless Conversations at Minto.

There’s also an end of year message from me, looking back at 2022, and forward to 2023, including the first announcement of our date and location for our National Members Forum (NMF).

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