SEARCH News December 2021

Welcome to the final edition of SEARCH News for 2021! It's a bumper edition, featuring the transcript of Sally McManus' speech to our AGM, the transcript of Nolan Hunter's talk to our Voice Treaty Truth event earlier in the year and a host of other articles to inspire and engage you over the summer.

Discussion of AUKUS and the movement against it is featured strongly in this edition, and anti-AUKUS protests took place all around the country in December. That campaign will continue into 2022.

Also featured are reports from AFTINET and the Living Incomes For Everyone (LIFE) campaign. AFTINET have been rallying to urge the WTO to reach an urgent decision to waive monopolies on vaccines - go here to support AFTINET's work to make vaccines available worldwide, and put health before profits.

This is our last publication for the 2021, however we have just taken delivery of the second print run of Comrades! Lives of Australian Communists. Go to the New International Bookshop website at to ensure you get your copy.

In case you missed them, our previous editions of SEARCH News are also online. SEARCH News Issue 3, 2021 is available by clicking here, and also here at our website. The June 2021 SEARCH News edition is here, and the March edition of SEARCH News is here. 

Our recent Members Discussion Bulletin on 'socialist alternatives to health, economic and environmental crises' is available by clicking here, including this in-depth article on the Voice Treaty Truth campaign, which you can share from the SEARCH News website to your social media. 
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Thanks again to all our writers and volunteers for their contributions to all our publications in 2021!

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