SEARCH Activists Guide to the 2022 Election

Welcome to the SEARCH Foundation Activists Guide to the 2022 Federal Election!

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This guide has been created by SEARCH members to provide a resource for socialist and progressive activists who will be involved in fighting for change at the 2022 election.

Thank you to every SEARCH member that has contributed to the Guide – it has been a real collective effort that reflects the wisdom and experience of our members and the movements they work in.

The people that have worked on it come from different parts of the continent, different generations and diverse personal, activist, academic and professional backgrounds. Some are members of political parties, some are not.

All of them are socialists committed to working across the divisions in progressive politics to create real, radical change.

As you read it, and as you work on whatever campaigns and issues you're involved in at the 2022 Election, we hope you'll also be inspired to work as broadly as possible with other socialists and progressives to win the changes we so desperately need. To win a Constitutionally-enshrined Voice to Parliament, action on climate change, workers and women's rights, and peace and international solidarity, we will need to keep the pressure up - no matter who wins the election.

In this guide you will find analysis and arguments for many of those necessary changes. While we hope it is comprehensive, it is not an exhaustive list of everything that needs fixing. If you are passionate about a cause that we haven't mentioned, or think we've made errors, we invite you to comment on our website or social media in response.

Equally, if you find anything in this Guide useful, we ask that you pass it on to at least one other activist with your recommendation. Even better – pass it on to your whole network! In our view, Australia needs a bigger, stronger left, and that can only be built by creating more connections between left activists working together, discussing and exchanging ideas, and in doing so, developing broader, stronger mass movements for change.

Elections change nations, and we need to make sure we change the current government, but that is just one step in the struggle for a truly democratic, socialist, ecologically sustainable, peaceful world.

In solidarity
Luke Whitington
Executive Officer

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