Sally McManus May Day 2022 message

Here below we re-publish Sally McManus' May Day 2022 message

Dear friend

I'm sending you this quick note to wish you a happy May Day.

May Day in Australia (and around the world) has been celebrated for generations -- the day when we acknowledge the solidarity and achievements of what workers in unions can achieve to improve the lives of everyone.

Together, workers have won incredible rights. We've built a community where we support and respect one another, and a society where workers can expect to be treated with dignity and fairness.

None of this happens by accident. The powers-that-be through history (or today) didn't wake up one morning and decide to establish minimum wages, introduce workplace safety protections, create Medicare or superannuation, or institute paid parental leave and sick leave.

All of these things and a whole lot more only happened because workers in unions came together, organised and made it happen. We imagined a better future and we took action

That's the legacy of May Day.

This year, I hope you can be a part of our historic mission to continue to build a better, brighter future for all. 

If you're one of almost two million union members, then the single most impactful thing you could do is encourage your coworkers, family and friends to join their union as well.

If you're not yet a member, then we've made it super easy for you to join your union online. By joining your union today, you'll know that your fellow union members will always have your back, and you'll also be a part of the movement that has made Australia such a great place to live and work.

Thanks again and happy May Day.

In unity

Sally McManus
ACTU Secretary

P.S. Want to know more about the history of May Day? Listen to our podcast about it online.

P.P.S. Collective action is at the heart of the union movement. Here are a few recent stories of how union members have stood together, taken action and made a real difference.

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