Neil Woods - Drug Wars or New Laws?

Neil Woods, author of 'Good Cop, Bad War', and 'Drug Wars', former UK undercover police officer, speaks in this webinar on the need for drug law reform, followed by an audience Q&A.


About Neil Woods

Neil is a former UK police officer and undercover drugs operative. Now he’s an active member of the international drug policy reform movement. He worked undercover between 1993 and 2007 befriending and gaining the trust of some of the most violent, unpredictable criminals in Britain. With the insight that can only come from having fought on its front lines, Neil came to see the true futility of the War on Drugs - that it demonises those who need help, and empowers the very worst elements in society. Neil is a board member of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) in the USA, and in the U.K. (LEAP UK). LEAP is a growing international organisation that advocates an evidence based drug policy and related criminal justice reforms. The group is made up entirely of serving and former police and other law enforcement. Restrictions permitting, he plans to visit Australia in 2022 to be part of efforts to revive the drug law reform debate in this country, as reformers campaign to match positive changes to drug laws already achieved in North America and Europe. 

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