Know our enemies: Italian election

100 years ago this month Mussolini's March on Rome led to the installation of Europe's first fascist government. In 2022, a politician who got her start as a descendant of Mussolini's party is now Italian PM. A return to the dictatorial past? Or an elected new beginning? And what political (dis)information led voters to this decision?

Join us on Wednesday 16th November from 9:30 pm AEDT (RSVP Online link here - A Zoom link provided upon RSVP) to hear three excellent speakers. Dr Natalie Mast, WA Fabian with a PhD on European politics, Perrie Grace a former Disinformation Analyst with Twitter and Conflict Analyst and Founder of the Red Line Podcast, Michael Hilliard. Jointly hosted by WA Fabians and the WA Labor Foreign Affairs.

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