CPA Centenary Celebration and launch of 'Comrades! Lives of Australian Communists'

This is a recording of the CPA Centenary Celebration held on Friday 30th October via Zoom, recorded at the SEARCH Foundation office in Sydney. The speakers were Millie Ingram, Brian Aarons, Luke Whitington, Stuart Macintyre, Meredith Burgmann, Bob Boughton and Jacquie Widin. It ends with a rendition of The Internationale by Bethany Elen Coyle, with backing vocals, guitar and bass by Maurie Mulheron.

The interview with Stuart Macintyre is audio only, as the bandwidth did not support his video. There are some audio quality issues, which we will attempt to fix and post in a new upload. You can buy the new book 'Comrades!' at You can find out more about SEARCH at, including the Communist biographies project

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