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Bernard Collaery secret trial continues
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The Commonwealth Attorney-General continues to pursue the prosecution of former ACT Attorney-General, Bernard Collaery, and 'Witness K', despite having the power to discontinue the case.

The latest in the interminable series of hearings is set down for today, Monday, 25 May 2020, through to 3 June in the ACT Supreme Court. See this recent Guardian article for background on the case.

This hearing will be closed to the public.  A determination will be sought at the hearing for some evidence to be available only to the judge. If that ensues it would mean that the defendant would not have full access to the evidence which will be used against him. It could mean that when the trial occurs, the jury will not be allowed to hear all the evidence. 

The lack of public and legal scrutiny in the proposed conduct of this trial subverts internationally accepted standards for a fair trial and the right to prepare a defence.

Australian governments have exposed their people to the international humiliation of performing an act of economic espionage against our small and impoverished neighbour, Timor-Leste. Prosecuting those who acted in good faith in bringing the truth to light is a clear indication to the rest of the world that Australia is content to both swindle the poor and persecute those who act according to their consciences.

Bernard Collaery, as lawyer for “Witness K”, has been charged with alleged breaches of the Commonwealth Criminal Code and the Intelligence Services Act.  The details of these offences remain cloaked behind assertions of “national security”. However, national security has not been proved to be at stake, it has only been claimed, and it has been claimed by the very body––the Australian Government–– whose deceitful fraud is the cause of the whole debacle.

The prosecution of Bernard Collaery represents the denial of just and accepted legal norms to serve political and commercial agendas. It is further evidence that secret trials are already a feature of the increasingly fragile Australian democracy.

You can act in several ways to oppose this disgraceful legal persecution:

1. Forward the link to this post, and send this attached flyer to your contacts, or print it and distribute it in your community.
2. You can call and write to your Federal MPs and Senators. Attached here is a draft letter and talking points to raise with MPs.
3. You can donate to the Reluctant Saviour documentary project - all donations via this Documentary Australia Foundation fundraising page will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia until 30 May.
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