Apply to be a Jacobin Australia Commissioning Editor

Jacobin Australia

Position Description — Part Time Commissioning Editor (12 months with possibility of extension)

Jacobin Australia, as a local branch of Jacobin magazine, is committed to publishing long-form, in-depth journalistic commentary and analysis from a range of broad left perspectives, informed by working class politics and a broad commitment to democratic socialism. While Jacobin Australia pursues a broad editorial line, we avoid commissioning content of a sectarian nature, and instead seek to engage a broad audience beyond the existing far left. 

The successful candidate for the role of part time Commissioning Editor will be employed by Jacobin Australia on a part-time basis for one day a week. They will be required to commission and line edit an average of one article per week, of between 1000 and 2500 words, on a range of topics, prioritising issues that are central to Australian politics and political economy, the union movement, and other causes of significance for leftists within Australia. Following copy editing and editorial oversight, these articles will be published on at times suitable for maximising Australian readership. Jacobin Australia also publishes historical, theoretical and cultural content, and the successful candidate will commission in these areas as well. 

Jacobin Australia places a high premium on clear, concise and accessible writing, and consequently, a demonstrated ability to write to a high journalistic standard and experience exercising sound editorial judgement are highly desirable qualities. The successful candidate will have existing networks of potential contributors within the broad-left, the union movement and other areas, and an ability to extend these networks. They will be expected to correspond with contributors, including to reject commissions, pitches and submissions that do not meet Jacobin’s standard or that fall outside the publication’s scope. In addition, the successful candidate will be required to build and co-manage Jacobin Australia’s social media profile and email list, contribute to organising events in collaboration with stakeholder organisations and to liaise with existing stakeholders and contributors. Experience in fundraising and an ability to contribute to further fundraising initiatives is a desirable attribute.

This position is funded through a partnership arrangement with the SEARCH Foundation. SEARCH advocates for a democratic and ecologically socialist Australia and aims to provide a space where the diversity of the Australian Left can come together. The SEARCH Committee has been grappling for some time with how to renew the socialist left in Australia. With 50,000 unique visitors in Australia per month, Jacobin Australia’s website already reaches a large audience of young people who are open to socialist politics. By significantly expanding Jacobin Australia’s coverage, even more young people will be exposed to left-wing politics.

It is essential that the successful candidate has a strong knowledge of Australian history, politics and political economy, as well as strong knowledge of the Australian and international left and the socialist movement in particular. The successful candidate must have a proven ability to work effectively with individuals from a range of left backgrounds, including from existing socialist organisations, the Greens, the union movement and with independent leftists. They must be willing to uphold a broad-church attitude towards a variety of leftist perspectives while also maintaining Jacobin’s broad editorial line, which values strident criticism of neoliberal parties and governments, and which prides itself on hosting critical left-wing contributions from within the union movement.

How to apply
Candidates are to write a two page pitch with direct reference to the following selection criteria, providing concrete examples and information that demonstrates their suitability for the role. 

  1. Proven experience in producing and editing high-quality written content for publications, including exercising sound editorial judgement within tight timeframes.

  2. Demonstrated knowledge of a comprehensive range of issues within Australian history, politics and political economy that are relevant to the union movement and the broader Australian left.

  3. Demonstrated experience in working with individuals and groups from a range of backgrounds, as well as having a comprehensive network of contacts across the Left and the union movement.

  4. Proven capacity to organise, including with reference to any experience in events organising or fundraising. 

Please direct applications and a CV to [email protected] by no later than midnight Friday 7 June. Any questions in relation to the role can be directed to the same email.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.