Adam Bandt - Australian Greens leader - A Green New Deal

Australian Greens leader Adam Bandt speaking on a Green New Deal. Adam begins speaking 5 mins into the video.

The Australian Greens have put forward a comprehensive and wide-ranging plan for responding to the covid19 crisis, titled Invest to Recover.

Under Adam Bandt’s leadership, the Greens have also been promoting the concept of a Green New Deal, as outlined in a link I will also post in the chat section:

These policies would radically transform Australia, environmentally, economically and socially. They include policies such as a job guarantee, a transition to sustainable clean energy, and a massive investment in public services.

In this Zoom forum, Adam will outline these policies and how the Greens will work to achieve them.


About Adam

Adam Bandt MP is the Federal Member for Melbourne and Leader of The Australian Greens. Adam lives with his wife Claudia, daughters Wren and Elke, and their dog Max, in inner-city Melbourne. Adam is the Greens spokesperson for the Climate Emergency and Energy, Employment & Industrial Relations, Public Sector and Foreign Affairs.

Adam was elected to the Federal Parliament in 2010, making history as the first Green elected to the House of Representatives at a general election.

Adam has served as a Deputy Leader under Christine Milne and Richard Di Natale. For a number of years Adam has been the Greens spokesperson on the climate crisis, energy, employment & industrial relations and science, research and innovation. He has previously been The Greens Treasury spokesperson.

In his maiden speech to Parliament, Adam warned of the coming climate emergency. Adam was a key participant in the Gillard minority Labor government’s Multi-Party Climate Change Committee, which developed the climate price and established the successful Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. It was only because of Adam’s election and the signed agreement with Julia Gillard that the carbon price was introduced. The period following this agreement is the only time that carbon pollution has decreased in Australia.

Before entering Parliament, Adam worked for many years as a public interest and industrial lawyer protecting workers from privatisation and big business. Adam represented some of Australia’s lowest paid workers, working with the now President of the ACTU, Michele O'Neil on legal action against corporate giant Nike to make them responsible for the wages and conditions of workers in their supply chain. Adam also worked to protect the rights of coal workers in the Latrobe Valley after their power stations were privatised.

One of Adam’s first acts in Parliament was to introduce a Private Member’s bill to extend protection for firefighters who contract cancer through their work. This passed into law with unanimous support, becoming one of only seven private members’ bills to become law in the past two decades.



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