Who we are

Who we are

SEARCH members

SEARCH works to build a democratically socialist and ecologically sustainable Australia.  SEARCH supports, and our members are involved in, many radical and progressive movements and causes, nationally and in solidarity with movements and people fighting for peace, social justice and liberation internationally.

SEARCH also seeks to mobilize our members around key issues of the day as they arise such as environmental justice, against domestic and other violence against women, jobs and workplace justice, social justice equity, inclusiveness and the Recognise campaign for recognition of Indigenous people in the Constitution and for marriage equality.

Committee members

The Committee of the SEARCH Foundation is the group of members elected by the membership to take responsibility for the governance and strategic direction of the organisation under the terms of the Constitution.  The governance and strategic direction of the organisation is managed by the appointment of committee members to sub committees which are listed below.  Working groups have also been established to provide broad policy and strategic advice to the committee.  More information here:  Working groups

The committee is also responsible for employing the Project Officers, the Company Secretary and other employees of the Foundation.

President: Jacquie Widin
Vice President: Mat Kunkel
Treasurer: Adrian Graves
Company Secretary: Daren McDonald
Committee members:
Brian Aarons
Patricia Hovey
Carmen Blanco
Penny Sara
Ama Somaratna
Luke Whitington
Peter Murphy


Project officer - Amalina Wallace
Project officer - Alice Strauss

Search Sub Committees

Finance and Investment Sub-Committee
Convener: Adrian Graves.

Administrative Sub-Committee
Convener: Jacquie Widin

Communications' Sub-Committee
Convener: Brian Aarons

Education Advisory Sub-Committee
Convener: Adrian Graves

SEARCH Review and National Conference Sub-Committee
Convener: Brian Aarons

Constitutional Sub-Committee
Convener: Daren McDonald

Uniday Pty Ltd Board
Directors: Chris Elenor, Tony Hawkins, Sally Trevena, Carmen Blanco, Brian Aarons, Jo Kerr